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sâmbătă, 24 aprilie 2010

New culture

OK.This is my first post in english(sorry for my english).
So if it`s a different language then it will be a different culture.This will be an interview with a man from Indonesia.Is my teameate at football identity.


hello mate

2.What`s your name and how old are you?

my name is boy andrianto (boy is enough) ... and i am 27 years old...

3.You work or you are a student?

i used to be a student but now i am a worker... :p

4.What kind of work?

an it staff of a web consultant company..

5.Where are you living(country and city)?

country of indonesia and city of jakarta

6.What do you know about Romania?

i am not quite know about romania...

but i know romania from 1994...
it was long ago when the world cup event held on USA.
i was on elementary school by that time (it's quite long isn't it)....
the romanian team got through into the quarter final..
if i'm not mistaken it was on Gheorghe Hagi's era (he was a good player)

also i am not sure if it's true or not...
but when i was on junior high.. i love to see a movie ...
from one of the movie told me that romanian is the country of dracula or vampire ... :P
(i heard this name a lot >>>> Transylvania )

this country has a lot mountain also a lot of uniquie building (castle, fort and church)

7.If i will come in Indonesia which is the first place that i must visit?

i think you should visit "taman mini indonesia indah" it's a miniature place of indonesian
from that place you will gather many information about indonesia
maybe after you visit this place.. you can decide what place that you will be visit next

8.What do you like most about your country?

multi culture and tradition....

9.And what do you hate the most?

i hate men because i love woman a lot... (hehehehhe.. just kidding.... )
well if it's about my country...
that will be the traffic jam also the population on jakarta (it's very crowded now...)

10.Tell my something interesting about your contry or the people that only indonesians know.

wayang kulit << pupet show
batik art << painting on a textile/cloth
keroncong and gamelan << traditional music of indonesia

11.Tell me an indonesian specific custom or tradition.

since indonesian is an island country... there are so many tradition..
ever place on indonesian have their own tradition...
that is why i suggest you to visit "taman mini indonesia indah" for the first time ... :p

12.If you could change anything in your country that would be it?

the population

13.You play online football.What`s your favorite player?

french player zinedine zidane ... (he is very good... :p)

14.You want to live in another country?If so which?

italy and japan would be the country

15.Tell me one place in the world that you want to visit it.

make it two please...(hehehe...) since i want to visit italy also japan

16.Your opinion about this interview?

i think it's great because i love to answer a people question
and it can make others people know a lot more about my country
or about the subject that being asked....

16.A message to readers?

life is beatiful.. so live your life well...

ps : sorry for my english...

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